Disconnection is NORMAL. With life’s demands, stress, children, and even complacency added to a relationship, disconnection can create emotional distance between spouses. 

💭 But let me tell you something important: these disconnected seasons can be an opportunity for growth, rekindling the flame, and strengthening the bond that brought you together in the first place. ⁣⁣

Sex and Intimacy is something that the church doesn’t talk about as often as we’d like, so we want to bridge the gap. 

You see, God’s perfect plan for marital intimacy is a beautiful gift that brings joy and fulfillment within the covenant of marriage. It’s not just about the physical—it’s a spiritual journey too! Healthy sex and intimacy nurture emotional closeness, trust, and a profound bond between you and your spouse.

Imagine how the Song of Solomon celebrates healthy intimacy and deep affection between a couple. It’s deep and passionate, and that is what God desires for our marriage. 

God designed healthy physical intimacy as a gift to bring couples together, fostering trust, security, and compassion within their relationship, It’s a beautiful act of unity that enriches your relationship and brings glory to the Creator. The design of your body doesn’t make God feel embarrassed. We were created and purposed for sexual pleasure.

And you know what? Healthy intimacy with your spouse also strengthens your spiritual connection with God and each other. When you have a healthy intimate relationship, that will overflow into other areas of your marriage and home.

Even during challenging times, healthy intimacy acts as an anchor, holding you and your partner together. It helps you weather the storms of life as a united team, growing stronger together.

These small acts of love and affirmation have the power to bridge the gap and lead you toward connection and away from divorce. ⁣

Below are all the podcasts that I’ve published so far about Sex & Intimacy within the marriage. I have had incredible guests join me and bring wisdom and practical tips that can inspire a deeper level of understanding of the value of a healthy intimate relationship with your spouse. 


Check out the podcast list below, and share it with a friend or couple who may also need this reminder!

If you and your spouse want to embark on a deep pursuit of a thriving sex life, get our fool-proof roadmap for a healthy, creative & EXCITING sex life. The Sex & Intimacy Project was created by Jesse and myself, and we lay it all out there for you guys! 


  1. 17 | A Discussion on Sex, Marriage & Communication with Jesse Maestas
  2. Quarantine Ep. 5: Sex, Skincare, The Power of Your Words & Caring For Your Body
  3. The Living Easy Shop Is OPEN! + My Upcoming Series on Sex
  4. Sex & Christianity Ep. 1: How to Strengthen Your Intimacy When You Don’t Like or Want Sex with Dr. Juli Slattery
  5. Sex & Christianity Ep. 2: Masturbation, Emotional & Visual Pornography & How They Affect You with Phylicia Masonheimer
  6. Sex & Christianity Ep. 3: You Can Be Single & Sexual with Amaris Beecher
  7. Sex & Christianity Ep. 4: Is Your Sexuality Broken?: Redeeming Regret, Shame, Blame and Abuse with Tiffany Bluhm
  8. 64 | Listen With Your Spouse: A Q&A For a Greater Sex Life + Foreplay Isn’t What You Think with Matt and Lisa Jacobson
  9. 91 | An Honest Conversation About Intimacy: Redefining Biblical Sex with Sheila Wray Gregoire and Dr. Keith Gregoire
  10. 101 | Small, Daily Changes To Restore Your Marriage & Intimacy with Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
  11. Navigating Sex Drive & Desire Differences in Marriage | The Sex & Intimacy Project is HERE!!! | A 5-Minute Intimacy Chat
  12. 3 Things That Brought Our Marriage Closer Than Ever Before and Broke Down Damaging Walls in the Bedroom| A 5-Minute Intimacy Chat
  13. 113 | Why Pornography is So Addictive: The Real Effects on Your Brain and Body with Brooke Hazen
  14. 119 | When Your Sex Drive is Higher Than Your Husband’s


Lastly, let your spouse know that you’re committed to pursuing them, even when the journey feels exhausting, frustrating, and impossible. Love is not just a feeling—it’s a choice we make every day, especially when faced with obstacles. ⁣⁣